Molly and bell

It’s the day before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for my cat shredding the wrapping paper and dive bombing my meticulously decorated packages. Ah well. She’s got a bad case of seasonally festive disorder, as do I, except that I have thus far refrained from destructive outbursts. I’m saving it for Boxing Day at the Mall. And now, a few last Christmassy tweets from the around the online corner~

‘The Snowman’ creator Raymond Briggs hates Christmas? “I don’t like the season and I make a point of grumping about it” Heh.

Rejected Holiday Books From Politicos-Turned-Authors, via Huffington Post. The missing selection? Julian Assange’s You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Pout, I’m Telling You Why, Santa Claus is Leaking Your Most Politically Damning Documents Today

Very cool! From the Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast~A Bit of Picture Book Globe Hopping.

A retweet from Deborah Freedman: Let It Dough! Christoph Neiman. Proof that with enough time and sprinkles, any story can be told. And consumed.

Before producing the classic biological illustrations in ‘Kunstformen der Natur’, Ernst Haeckel designed Christmas cards. Did he finish them five days before Christmas? And then, did he run around trying to find stamps and addresses, shouting festively decorated expletives and vowing to get these ‘G-D things’ done by November next year? I wonder…

God help me, I loves me some beetles! From A Journey Round My Skull: Ten Beetles Humming.

Courtesy of Douglas Coupland, the world’s first computer…in Lego! Unbelievable really. All I ever made out of Lego…hmm…I don’t remember! Curiously, I do seem to have a memory of the feel and taste of Lego in my mouth. Clearly, I would have failed as a Antikytheran and mathematician. And as a six year old.

Next post: One more slightly seasonal selection, and then a little Snark.

The Merriest of Christmasses to one and all!