So I’ve been away from this blog for…I’m afraid to count the days. Months? No solid explanation other than life. Busy, busy life.

I aim to do better. I want to do better. Children’s picture books mean everything to me (as does hyperbole), and just because I’ve temporarily stopped writing reviews doesn’t mean – by any stretch – that I’ve stopped collecting them or pondering their singular illustrative and literary qualities. I have many beauties lined up for review. On tables, on the floor. I am overwhelmed by books. Maybe that’s part of the problem. A happy problem, but still…a problem.

In the time I’ve been ‘away’, I have discovered a new artist. Not personally discovered, of course.  I’m sure Kenard Pak is aware of who he is, but nevertheless, he is relatively new on the scene, and definitely new to me. He will be my first review, or set of reviews as I have three of his books.

And so, off to write that review…

Kenard Pak Goodbye Summer cover