Finished reading yet, huh, finished reading yet, huh, huh, huh???

Lots of interesting articles this week, and a couple of blog discoveries…

From the New York Times: 10 Ways to Celebrate Banned Books Week, which is the last week of September~

The Death of the Book Has Been Greatly Exaggerated As a dedicated hyperbolist, I would expect nothing less!

Can Censoring a Children’s Book Remove Its Prejudices? Seriously, just leave them alone!

Why so many dead parents in kids’ books? Hard to say, but Pippi Longstocking was a childhood favourite when I was a kid, which may or may not have had something to do with the fact that she was essentially parentless. And a redhead.  Sure, dad was at sea, but same dif…

Found a fabulous new blog this week: Playing by the Book Through this blog I was able to take a gobsmackingly wonderful children’s literary tour of the UK. Part I II A fab holiday, and I never left my chair.

More blogging goodness: The Caustic Cover Critic: One man’s endless ranting about book cover design. Heh.

Seven Stories celebrates John Burningham’s artwork. Mr Gumpy would be proud.

Next Post: Bugs. Or, if I’ve already posted it, Halloween picture books for the entire month of October!