Did you say something?

As my cat Molly can attest, it’s been a long, tiring week. However, the world of books, and in particular, children’s illustrated books, never fail to warm my blood and energize my brain, just like coffee but without the teeth staining. Here’s the latest:

An impressive list of authors will be expanding on the illustrations in Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. To be released next fall. Oh boy, oh boy! http://bit.ly/dg60G4

Elvis sightings~in the illustrations of Anita Kunz. Did I mention she’s my favourite non-picture book illustrator? Well, she is!  http://bit.ly/bd3uqq

BBC News~Is our relationship with books changing? My answer? Nope. Still emptying my pockets for the ‘hard stuff’… http://bbc.in/dDA0ou

September 13th was Roald Dahl Day! I’m sure I had a chocolate bar in his honour, but really, I don’t need

Nothing like the original

an excuse to shove a Kit Kat in my mouth. Have a read of this surprising article from New York Magazine: Roald Dahl—the storyteller as benevolent sadist http://bit.ly/bonsVI And while we’re on the subject, let me just say that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remains one of my all-time favourite books. In the late-90’s, Dahl’s entire series had a visual overhaul, and the illustrations by Joseph Schindelman, which I grew up with and loved, disappeared. Thankfully, I had ordered a hardcover edition of CATCF (and the sequel Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator) the year before, with the original illustrations, so I wouldn’t be stuck with the Quentin Blake illustrations. This is not a criticism. His lively artwork is great, but it’s just not my Charlie.

Two blog posts this week, South and Harvey. A record, I think..

NEXT POST: Not sure yet, but something funny…not involving death.