If a dog had nasturtiums for a head

William Gibson On the Future of Book Publishing. Wall Street Journal  http://bit.ly/9xUvnJ

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The curse of swearing in children’s books http://bit.ly/ch26fr (as opposed to the joy of swearing in real life…)

Huffington Post~Funniest Kid’s Books by Comedians~Seinfeld/Martin/Brooks agreed, but what about John Lithgow’s The Remarkable Farkle McBride, with fabulous illustrations by C.F. Payne? http://huff.to/aYHY3K

“There is only one religion of book burning.” International PEN President condemns Koran burning: http://mbist.ro/bXUT2S

Lane Smith on the technology battle in It’s a Book:  http://bit.ly/bZRSrL

Is there a future for the independent bookstore in the digital age? http://ow.ly/2AyEY (and if not, when would be the best time to kill myself?)

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and then…Harvey by Herve Bouchard. It’s a stunner! (THANK YOU Groundwood Books!)