New blog, old news. Or oldish news, that is, and the blog isn’t new, it just looks like it’s been on holiday and come back refreshed and ready to upload a bunch of new and exciting reviews…that I have yet to write. Sorry blog….I promise I’ll work harder now that you look so pretty. In the meantime, here are a few recent treats from my truly hardworking blogosphere colleagues~  

Chris Van Allsburg in the news again. This week Chris talks about his new book Queen of the Falls (thanks Achockablog), and from Anita Silvey at the fab Children’s Book a Day Almanac Blog, the story behind Jumanji.

From the I’m glad someone said it files, NYT’s Pamela Paul on that Go the F*** To Sleep book causing all the controversy…and probably more than a few tired nods of sympathy. Please oh please oh please let someone hire me to write the f***ing sequel.

The Daily Heller always has great design/illustration-related stuff. Here’s a wistful look back at Mad Magazine: “Look Ma, No Teeth.” A madvertisement for Crust Gum Paste.” Blecch! I hope there are more MAD posts like this in the future.

Quite like this Jared Andrew Schorr’s illustrator blog. Wonderful and meticulous bordering on obsessive. Awesome, in other words.

Another interesting (and loopy) post from 50 Watts: “The Book Cover: Hopefully Not an Endangered Species.” In my preparation to move from my current abode, I’ve been throwing out and/or recycling a lot of stuff, including some old albums. Reliving decades of my life through album covers, and the memories therein, has been a very evocative experience. As our visual references get smaller or disappear altogether, we will have fewer ways to mark time. Remember when I downloaded that song/novel? Nah, it doesn’t work. I love my iPod, and many people love their Kindles, but they can’t duplicate the visual and sensual experience of a well-loved album or book, where the cover is not only indicative of a time but of a place. The richness of our visual expression is under threat by technological advances which of course, makes all our lives easier, but maybe also a little flatter. Long live cover art, in all it’s forms.

How do these Guardian scribes write a children’s book review? Some good tips here. I know I’m guilty of giving away the plot more than once, but I figure, if the book was published a long time ago, what’s the harm? Also, I just can’t keep a secret. Sorry. 

From 100 Scope Notes: Explaining the Kindle to Charles Dickens. Very clever…

A couple of cool posts from The Inspiration Blog: “Looking Back At 20 Vintage Posters From The 40’s & 50’s”, and “25 Inspirational Logos You Wish You Had Thought Of Yourself.”

A wonderful interview with Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and Kirkus Reviews blogger Jules Danielson “…very simply, I’m an Illustration Junkie and must feed my habit.” Uh huh. I share your addiction, and perhaps even your dealer. (Thanks to the Children’s Books and Reviews blog for this.)

Wonderful interview #2 with David Lucas, from the equally wonderful Zoe (Playing By the Book.) I am not familiar with this UK artist, but I will definitely be investigating his work in the coming months (see ‘Junkie’ quote above.)  

Got a super nice plug from the School Library Journal blog, which resulted in my best day ever on 32 Pages! Thank you to Betsy Bird (FuseEight) and congratulations on the new baby!

News this week: As mentioned, 32 Pages was just given shiny new coat of paint by my friend and Blogmaster General Kevin W. A huge thank you for the redesign, and for making 32 Pages look so damn awesome!

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