Da Man (otherwise known as Chris Van Allsburg)

Hmm…nothing much has changed since my last Picks & Tweets post two weeks ago. It’s still winter here in the great white north, with no discernable signs of spring, other than the few unfortunate Canada Geese I’ve spotted dipping their feathery nether regions into the frozen North Saskatchewan River. However, in spite of winter’s frigid hold on this city, I refuse to use this blog to whine! It’s immature, unsavoury, exceptionally futile, and more to the point, it’s what my other blog is for…

So, without further delay, here are a few signs of hope, rebirth, and whatever else spring supposedly promises~

From School Library Journal, via the Andersen Press (UK), Chris Van Allsburg (Polar Express) talks about his new book QUEEN OF THE FALLS. More CVA, as well as a little Patrick McDonnell (and Jane Goodall), courtesy of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Carl Hiaasen on Florida, crime, and writing children’s books. I love this guy so much I’d read his comments on bicycle repair, wound management, and dryer lint, if I had to, but I’m glad it’s mostly book-related stuff.

On International Goof-Off Day (or Friday, as I like to call it), the story behind Richard Scarry and his busy, busy world. While you’re at it…check out the other fabulous posts on Anita Silvey’s Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac. Clearly, she is a very busy, busy blogger (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day on April 2nd, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre has created a list of titles evocative of life in Canada throughout history. Expect snow and beavers. (Thanks to Play by the Book for pointing out this article.) Not nearly enough snow and beavers you say? Have a look at my review of Picturing Canada, an excellent book about the history of children’s publishing in Canada, eh.

A cool video and post about David Weisner’s Art & Max from Mr Schu Reads

From Flavorwire, 15 Totally Surreal Vintage Ads. It’s freaky, man. Also from Flavorwire, What We Learn from Children’s Books. I’ve learned that a good, sturdy picture book makes a great laptop platform, much better (and less violence-prone) than my cat’s napping torso.

Via 100 Scope Notes: “54 Cereals we Loved and Lost (aside: cereal used to be candy.)”  Continuing in this magically delicious vein, here is my St Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms post from last year. On a related subject, I am still searching for a beautiful St Patrick’s Day picture book, or something Irishy relevant to the occasion.

Speaking as someone who is afflicted by various passions, on a non-illustration/current obsession note, if you haven’t seen the History Channel program American Pickers, I would highly recommend that you check it out. Mike and Frankie’s passion and enthusiasm for ‘antique archaeology’, ie., junk, is completely infectious. Love those guys, love the show. Here’s a clip from Letterman.

Next Post: a short and much needed trip to Africa!