Run Away!

September 25th to October 2 is Banned Books week. (In Canada there is also Freedom to Read week which takes place in February.) See who’s banning what: an interactive map of book bans and challenges:

From the New Humanist~Tibet, sausages and masturbating mice. As Banned Book Week concludes, Anne Rooney explores the hidden restrictions on what children are reading.

For further reading on the subject of censorship in children’s books, have a look at my review of Else-Marie and Her Seven Little Daddies. North Americans and Swedes may share a love for  pre-fabricated particle board, but we have entirely different bathing rituals.

PS: The only book that was ever banned in my house was a teen novel called Go Ask Alice, because it was about drugs. I read it several times, in spite of my mother, and I’m proud to say the only drug I’ve ever experimented with is the type of crack available in bookstores. And I may have licked a toad or two.

From the Guardian: Raymond Briggs: ‘The picture book is the best field for an illustrator‘ I love Raymond Briggs, and this is a great little video~from nursery rhymes, to Fungus, to the Snowman. Awesome.

Good Grief, Moon!  Most alarming news this week…things you never wanted to know about Margaret Wise-Brown. From Mental Floss, a rather disturbing portrait of Ms Wise-Brown~ This short article adds a whole other level of meaning to Runaway Bunny.

David Sedaris, Squirrels and Chipmunks, with illustrations by Ian Falconer. What’s not to love? (via NPR)

Great new blog discovery: Boyz Read Lots of great ‘boy-centric’ picture book reviews and suggestions.

Funniest tweet this week: “It is the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones, the inspiration for the crazy cartoon world of Creationism.” Carl Maxim

Next review: Didn’t I say this last week? Why, Halloween, of course!