• Posted on February 13, 2010


What would you do for love?  Would you give the shirt off your back?  All the dimes and nickels in your piggy bank?  What about a perfect blueberry muffin baked especially for you by your mom?  Would you give it away to the one you love?  I’m not talking about any old blueberry muffin.  This is a muffin nonpareil.  The bluiest blueberry muffin you’ve ever seen.

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  • Posted on February 10, 2010

When a Frog Loves a Fruit

Peach & Blue is a rare book.  Depending on your viewpoint, it’s a love story, a tale of friendship, or a chronicle of death. When I worked at the bookstore, it was the centre piece of my Valentine’s Day display. And no, I wasn’t being ironic. This book is not about death. It is one of the most romantic stories you will ever run across in the children’s book section of your local library or bookstore.

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