Most of the books reviewed on 32 Pages come from my personal collection. Occasionally, I receive books from publishers, some solicited, some not. I am ruthlessly picky about illustration, and will only review books that I love. Primarily, these are storybooks, but if properly inspired, I will review non-fiction, and the occasional children’s or YA novel. I do not review ebooks or self-published material.

As an artist, former bookseller and long-time bibliophile, it is my pleasure, and yes, my honour to write about, and advocate on behalf of, good books. I may not always get to new releases in a timely fashion, and most certainly, there are fewer reviews than I would like on my blog, but the fault lies with my indolent nature, not with the books. That said, I also use my Twitter site Illustrated Word to spread the word about the myriad lovelies I’ve purchased, received, or heard about that, for a variety of reasons, have not yet or will not be not be reviewed on 32 Pages.


And a big thank you to Zoe Toft of Playing by the Book for providing the template for this review policy!